3 Cheaper alternatives to legendary cars

09/18/2016 16:02:28
3 Cheaper alternatives to legendary cars
There are so many car enthusiasts which love classic cars but they can't afford them, well here's a list with similar models available at cheaper prices

There are so many car enthusiasts which love classic cars, which look like legends and that is really great. The main problem here is when it comes to buying these models, you can not find them at very affordable prices, which means you can only own one if you're really, really rich. But don't get upset here, cause we've got some really good models which look pretty similar to your dream cars but they are cheaper, take a look below.



The 1969 Dodge Charger Alternative: 1971-1972 Dodge Demon. The classic Charger was lasted long before Dominic Toretto started using them against international crime lords. Buying a 1969 Charger with 440 cubic-inch (7.2-litre) V8 in U.S. will cost you around $100,000. The Demon has a 340 cubic-inch (5.6-litre) V8 making 275bhp and will cost around $35,000.



A80 Supra Alternative: 1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX, if you want a twin-turbo Supra, you'll have to pay as minimum $30,000 for something decent. Meanwhile, the Nissan 300 ZX could be a better choice if you're budget doesn't let you pay some extra for the name. This model is super fast, and has two turbos. The Z32 didn’t necessarily go under the radar; most people know about its twin-turbo 300bhp V6, exceptional suspension tuning with rear steering, and its drop-dead gorgeous ‘90’s aero styling. It’s just that the Supra got more glory, never mind the 300’s own stable-mate, the god-like Skyline GT-R. That’s why you can buy a very nice Z32 300ZX twin-turbo in the United States for just $15,000.


BMW M3 Alternative: BMW 3-Series-The 335i Coupe equipped with the M sport package is among the best non M Bimmers ever built. It still has all the poise and balance enthusiasts expect from a German brand. It still has the luxury and understated styling. It’s available with a proper manual transmission. And it’s not exactly slow - the turbocharged inline-six makes 302bhp and sends the 335i to 60mph in under five seconds. For this, you’ll spend roughly $20,000 in America, almost half the going rate of the E92 M3. And yes, to satisfy all the BMW purists, I’ll also bring light to the fact that an E46 M3 with 333bhp from its inline-six is even cheaper yet.



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